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Isola Madre


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After a careful analysis of the archive documents for the first time in an exhaustive and in-depth way, Adele Buratti Mazzotta tells the story of Isola Madre.



For the first time in a complete and accurate way and after examining the documents archive, Adele Buratti Mazzotta, already tenured professor of Draw & Architectural Relief at Politecnico di Milano, for the constructional engineering degree course in the Faculty of Architecture, tells the story of Isola Madre. Documented since 846, the island has been comprised in the fiefdom granted from the Visconti family to the Borromeo family since 1441. The family bought the fiefdom in 1501, to create a place of resort and recreation. By the end of the century, a palace with citrus espalier gardens all around is built: this will characterise the island until the end of 18th Century. In 19th Century, the english Romantic taste modified the look of the garden defining sinuous paths rich in visual perspectives. New plant species coming from faraway lands and environments adapt to the island's microclimate that, even today, offers original and curious elements to the visitors. All the proceeds from the sale of the book will be devolved to AIRC, The Italian Association for Cancer Research.